Customer Benefits- Telecom:

  • Reduces Operational Expenses

  • Improves Client Communications

  • Enhances Employer Productivity

  • Guarantees Quality/Business Continuity

Reduces Operational Expenses
  • Reduces Communications Costs- Included equipment and local and long distance calling is provided by a single vendor with flat rate, fixed, all inclusive pricing.
  • Eliminates System Management Overhead- includes maintenance, support, warranty, configuration changes, and a locally staffed help desk
  • Optimizes and Saves on Office Space- Multiple part time employees can share a workspace and telephone when they are in the office by logging in using the "Hoteling" feature.
  • Ensures Investment Protection- Eliminates obsolescence by including updates and feature enhancements. Scales as you grow your business-1 phone at a time.

Improves Client Communications
  • Improves Customer Service/ Streamline Communications- Using find-me/ follow-me, calls can be seamlessly forwarded to remote/ cell phones, ensuring employees are always in touch.
  • Integrates Remote Offices and Employees- Employees can now work transparently from a home office/ remote location using a second telephone that mimics the behavior of their office phone.
  • Protects Cell Phone Numbers- Employees no longer need to give out their personal cell phone number- they provide a direct dial number or extension on the main telephone system.
  • Supports Virtual Employees- Independent contractors, consultants, etc. can have a voice mail only extension on the company's telephone system, at a reduced cost.

Enhances Employee Productivity
  • Remote Message Delivery- Using Visual Voice and Visual Fax Mail, messages can be forwarded as email attachments to laptops, smartphones, etc., providing easy remote access away from the office.
  • Archival of Important Messages- Voice Mail and Fax Mail messages (via email) can be stored in the client or prospect's folder for future reference, if the need arises for business or legal reasons.
  • True Mobility- Employees that are on the road can access and be a part of the office telephone system using a PC-based softphone to seamlessly and transparently work from remote locations.
  • Collaboration- Use Audio and Web Conferencing to create on line "Meetings" with employees, suppliers, customers, etc.
  • Manage Faxes Efficiently- Using our integrated electronic fax, remote or traveling employees can exchange confidential and time sensitive information with their clients- from anywhere, anytime.
  • Integrates with Desktop Applications- Employees can easily and quickly prospect for customers by using Click-to-Dial to dial off of existing lists, databases, web pages, and other programs.

Guarantees Quality/Business Continuity
  • Guarantees Voice and Call Quality- by incorporating a Fully Managed, dedicated, voice only network, built using Tier 1 Network Service Providers
  • Prevents Problems Before They Occur- with around the clock pro-active call quality monitoring
  • Provides Business Continuity- Built in Redundancy, Security, Reliability, and Disaster Recovery is assured with alternate call routing and backup systems.