"We wanted to outsource our phone service. Kinetech offered a managed service with the benefits of on-site equipment, and that was appealing to us. The equipment is located in our offices and connected to our network via Ethernet, and we never never have to touch it- Kinetech manages it remotely and monitors performance to ensure we receive high call-quality for our inbound and outbound calls. Contact between patients, residents, family, and staff, is very important, so the quality of the service and the ease of quickly accessing messages and returning phone calls are key factors. Reliable phones are a necessity in our business-not a luxury".- Multi-Site Disability Services Organization

"Call quality was a major requirement, and we needed a phone solution that would be reliable seven days a week, 24 hours a day. And we didn't want a voice solution that would be a management distraction. We want our people totally focused on serving our volunteers, so the idea of a cost-effective managed and monitored service was very appealing to us".- Regional Council, Boy Scouts of America

"Being on-the-go is part of our business, so we needed a phone system that would help our clients quickly connect with an agent regardless of his-or-her physical location at any given moment. Realtors work long hours and they can easily stay on top of all calls by reviewing their email from a smartphone. Our realtors have an advantage in the market because they are extremely reachable and can stay in close contact with buyers and sellers".- Real Estate Company

"Now all calls from within and without of the organization are direct, with no operator required. Those operators now concentrate on other administrative tasks, and additional staff can now dial the person they want to speak with directly with just a four digit extension or direct dial if away from the agency. Kinetech's managed service took the burden of support issues away from our IT staff. They offered a phone number that anyone in the organization could call when there was an issue. This was vastly different than what our staff was used to".- Mental Health Services Provider

"Our initial contact with potential buyers is usually over the phone, so the quality of the service and the ease of quickly accessing messages and returning calls are key factors in how we attract customers and close business. Powerful reliable phones are a necessity in our business. The Voice Service helps us communicate the value of our services to our customers. Our staff are readily available and responsive to voice messages, and the quality of the phone service communicates the sense of pride we have in our business."- Finance and Northeast Builder/Property Manager

"Kinetech technology can easily scale as our needs change. It's the ideal platform to grow with. What's more, having a managed solution has enabled us to rein in phone costs."- Special Needs School District

"Our service and sales professionals are highly mobile, moving in and out of their offices all day long. Kinetech's innovative Find Me - Follow Me feature allows them to route incoming calls to ring their desk phones and cell phones simultaneously. This saves time, reduces voicemail tag, and increases customer satisfaction. Kinetech provides the PBX and phones, we receive a single invoice every month that covers all of our telecom costs. If there is a problem, Kinetech solves it".- 10 Location Automotive Distributorship

"Kinetech consolidated all 7 locations into a single account, reducing costs and simplifying management. Kinetech call groups allow for routing calls to a group, rather than an individual. It's easy to transfer calls from office to office, allowing for use of all resources to answer phones. Conference calling is important when operating multiple locations. Our receptionists can easily see who’s on the phone, and it’s much easier to transfer calls with the drag and drop function".- Home Healthcare Provider

"VoIP is a technology that brings fear into many companies, but Kinetech offers a managed service that removes the fear of VoIP reliability and call quality. We get the economic and productivity benefits of VoIP with the reliability and quality businesses expect from traditional carriers."- Personnel Services Company

"To allow us to manage our system, a customized call center dashboard a custom screen pop solution was developed to improve order processing time and efficiency. Now we are able to use the store staff of any location as overflow call center agents during peak call volume times".- National Pizza Franchise

"We appreciate Kinetech's features that mimic the functions of traditional telephone systems. Most of the firm's employees had years of experience working with call park, key systems, and similar call management options, and were far more comfortable using. Call recording reduces the need for transcriptions and similar documents. Electronic Fax replaces paper documents with digital ones".- Law and Legal Services Firm

"Kinetech allows us to present the image of an easy-to-reach consulting firm, and will allow us to cost-effectively scale to support new employees as we grow the business. As we hire workers in other parts of the country, they'll work out of their home offices and plug a Kinetech phone into their broadband cable or DSL connection."- Management Consulting Firm

"Nearly all of our orders come in via fax. Electronic Fax has allowed us to enhance productivity, automate customer interactions and increase sales. We regularly receive over 600 faxes each week and they are automatically routed to the appropriate administrator. We print what we need, and forward faxes within the company via email. Because everything's automated, we don't have to worry about hardcopy faxes getting misplaced or routed, and we can more quickly respond to customer requests".- Trading Company

"We are a small company without any IT staff, and we didn't want to buy and manage a PBX or go back to the high costs and low functionality of a Centrex service. But continuing to suffer through the many problems we encountered with the hosted VoIP service we originally selected was not an option. Kinetech provided a managed service that allows us to focus on meeting the needs of our customers without the distraction of managing our phones, and the costs of circuit-switched phone services."-International Toy Distributor

"We assigned direct inward dialing numbers to our employees that work closely with customers, and have received the productivity advantages of receiving faxes to the desktop. Employees receive their faxes in their email inbox, and can fax documents directly from their PCs. Electronic Fax simplifies faxing, improves document management and increases our productivity".- Regional Bank

"We didn't have to purchase a PBX and phones and worry about unloading an outdated piece of equipment in a few years. Instead, we selected a managed service and don't have to worry about telephony-it just works. Kinetech manages the service and equipment, and we can easily add new phones as our business expands. We've only begun to take advantage of the productivity features on the phones, and Kinetech's Voice Service is a win-win-win solution".- Financial Services Company